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Carpet Dyeing Color Restoring Products

Fiber Pro Dyeonics - Custom Color Dyes

Fiber Pro Dye

Concentrated mill dyes especially blended for on-location dyeing of nylon, wool, and stain resistant carpets. Colors are brilliant and highly resistant to fading, stains, and everyday use. Continually field tested for over 20 years to provide uniform, level results.Is my carpet nylon?

Please read the following: All of the following products are sold to and used by Professional Carpet Dyers ONLY. Carpet dyeing is a skill obtained through instruction, training and practice. It is dependent on numerous variables, including, but not limited to, carpet material, original color, pre-existing spots, desired color, and other unique factors. Your carpet may or may not be dyeable. We suggest not using these products if you are not fully confident that you could easily change the color of your carpet to your desired color or you are unwilling to accept the resultant color and outcome which may not be correctable. Due to the complex nature of and many variables inherent in the carpet dyeing procedure, we do not give technical support in regard to the carpet dyeing process, mixing of carpet dyes, use of auxiliary chemicals, etc. As the buyer, you assume all risks and liabilities with respect to the results obtained from the use of such merchandise, whether used alone or in combination with other products.

1 lb. $30.00
5 lb. $140.00

Dark Blue
Midnight Blue
Navy Blue
Country Blue
Sky Blue
Light Blue
Golden Yellow
Harvest Gold
Dark Green
Forest Green
Hunter Green
Meadow Green
Mint Green
Light Green
Burnt Orange
Charcoal Gray
Steel Gray
Dark Brown
Cocoa Brown
Chestnut Brown
Golden Brown
Royal Blue
What color can my carpet be dyed?
One Step Spot Dyes

Professional One-Step Spot Dyes. Very seldom are you fortunate enough to have the bleach spot or other stain turn your carpet white. More often than not you end up with a Yellow or Pink Spot that can be very difficult or even impossible to Spot Dye. At best a Professional will have to dye the spot shades of blue and red to correct the spot, a procedure very difficult even for a professional.
These dyes are pre-blended to Spot Dye the following scenarios: Yellow Spot to Beige - Yellow Spot to Taupe - Yellow Spot to Grey - Yellow Spot to Blue - Yellow Spot to Mauve - Yellow Spot to Peach - Pinkish Spot to Grey - Pinkish Spot to Beige - Orange Spot to Beige.

$120.00 4 oz.jars 9 Different Colors

Mini Spot Dyeing Kit

This handy mini kit contains 10 colors, Bleach Neutralizer, Dye Penatrator, pH Adjuster, Fiber ID Acid, Stain Remover, Kool Aid Remover, applicator, manual and carrying tray.


Professional Spot Dyeing Kit

Be prepared for any spot dyeing job with this comprehensive kit. Kit includes 35 colors, 8 oz. bottle of Prep, 8 oz. bottle of ph Adjust, 4 oz. jar of Bleach Neutralizer, 2 oz. bottle of Fiber ID, 2 oz. bottle of Wool Fiber ID, 2 oz. bottle of Stain Resist check, Five 8 oz. graduated measuring cups, Five 1 oz. graduated measuring cups, measuring spoons, eye droppers, spot dye manual, color chart, pH paper, spray bottle, color wheel.
Colors included 1 oz. containers of Red * Bordeaux * Wine Red * Burgundy, Lavender * Dusty Rose * Mauve * Beige * Taupe * Tan, Mink * Chestnut * Golden Brown * Chocalate * Dark Brown * Mallard Green * Teal Green * Hunter Green * Rust * Yellow * Peach * Silver * Grey * Steel Grey * Charcoal * Storm Grey * Black * Burnt Orange * Dark Blue * Navy * Sky Blue * Pale Green * Bright Blue * Gold.

Refills Each $5.00

Dyer's Package

Everything you need to begin color service work with Fiber Pro. With this package you will get expert technical advice you can count on. This popular package includes the Professional Sales and Spot Dyeing Kit, Color Service Manual Dye Master's Color Guide, 8 - 1 lb dyes, 4 - 5 lb dyes, 4 gal Dye Penetrator, 4 gal Bleach Neutralizer, 4 gal pH adjuster, 2 qt Wall Cleaner, a Wall Shield and a Deluxe Spray Wand.

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Fiber Pro Manual

Learn Carpet Dyeing from this very comprehensive text. Covers dye blending, restoration, conversions and spot dyeing with formulas.


Spot Dyeing Manual

Detailed 95-page manual for treating and spot dyeing damaged areas of color. Same information as used in IICRC approved seminars on color repair. Preview contents of Spot Dyeing Manual.


Color Revive

If the color of your carpet has started to look drab and lifeless we have good news for you! Now you can restore and maintain the vibrant color in your carpet and "keep it looking new."

One Shot

An all in one pH stabilizer, dye penetrant & shampoo agent. Aids carpets in the acceptance of dye. Use 2-4 ounces per gallon of hot water in dye bath. Eliminates having to buy separate gallons of Dye Penetrator and Carpet Prep

gal. $30.00

Dye Penetrator

Required on all dye jobs to insure maximum penetration and bonding between dye and carpet fibers. Contains wetting agents, leveling agents and low temperature dyeing agents to insure uniform and professional results.

gal. $23.00

Carpet Prep

Lowers the pH of carpet fibers and solutions. Eliminates brown-out and high alkaline problems. One oz. per gal. drops pH 1 point. Required for stain resist carpets and high pH cleaning solutions Caution! Stain-resistant carpets are difficult to dye.

gal. $23.00

Bleach Neutralizer

A true anti-color that neutralizes chlorine bleach on contact. Must be used any time a bleach spot is redyed. Available in ready to use liquid or 5 Lb concentrate crystals. Helps other chemical stains too.

1 lb. $20.00
5 lb. $75.00

Wall Cleaner

Removes dye from walls, floors, and equipment without affecting dye in carpet. Contains no chlorine. Use with trigger sprayer and cloth for best results.

gal. $23.00

Neutral Color

Concentrated optical brightener that intensifies ultra violet light to make color appear richer and brighter. Can be mixed with all cleaning and dyeing solutions and used on all types of fibers.

1 lb. $30.00
5 lb. $140.00

Color Safe Carpet Bleach

Breaks down heavy grease and soil deposits on carpet and furniture fabrics. Eliminates yellowing and brown-out problems. Will not bleach out permanent colors or harm carpets or fabrics that are colorfast or can be washed with water based cleaners.

1 lb. $23.00
10 lb. $75.00

Color Wheel

Invaluable yet inexpensive tool for identifying what colors go in secondary and tertiary color formulas and the relationship between colors.


Spot Dye Droppers

Handy pack of long plastic droppers for spot dyeing. 12 to a pack


pH Paper

Know what the pH of the carpet is before you apply dye. This handy tool saves money and time. Packed two rolls to kit.


Bleached Carpet Sample

Use these to practice spot dyeing before you take a paying job.


White Carpet Samples

Ideal for making color samples and testing your dye mixture. 30 in a pack.



Point of Sale merchandiser displays Fiber Pro colors. Use this to increase sales and to project a professional image. 24" x 18"


Fiber Brite Patches

Show your professionalism with a custom embroidered patch for shirt or jackets.


Waterless Hand Cleaner

Recommended by the Dyer's Guild of America. Quickly removes dyes, inks, oils, grease, tar and other soil. 22 oz.


Wall Protector

Keeps dye off baseboards, stairs and walls. Saves clean up time. Stands by itself to free dyer's hand. Fits between carpet and base-boards and hinged to fit comers.

1 gal. $23.00
5 gal. $70.00

Extractor Spray Wand AC44 Extractor Spray Wand instantly turns your extractor into a sprayer, just hook it directly onto the solution line. 10ft. long hose wish V120P valve is capable of pressures up to 120 psi and temps to 140°

AC44-300 Extractor Spray Wand with V300 brass valve


Deluxe Spray Wand

Developed for carpet dyers. Gives years of trouble-free use. Removable head permits changing of spray tips. Greatly reduces dyeing time and production costs. Insulated handle.


Stair Dyeing Tool

Control dye flow and extraction when dyeing stairs. Designed to contain overspray. Heat treated cast aluminum.


50' Solution Hose

Enables dyer to work from an outside location to prevent spills on carpet. Disconnects when dye machine is not in use. Complete with fittings.


Electric Sprayer

This versatile sprayer makes work quicker and easier. Siphons from a gallon container. Built-in handle for convenience. Great for applying Carpet Protector and more.

50 PSI $217.00

Solo Pump Sprayer

These Heavy duty pump up sprayers has many convenient and professional features. These one, two and 3 gallon sizes comes spray wand and carrying strap. Durable and trouble free. inflation and automatic relief valves. Repair kits available.

Bucket Heater

Keep your dye hot for best results. Immersion style designed for safety to virtually eliminate any fire danger in the event water boils dry. Rated at 1000 watts, 120 volts, with built in thermostat.


Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

Use this professional tool for raking carpet and dispersing dye after spraying. Provides best operational results by preoperational treatment and finish grooming. When finished cleaning use the Grandi Groom to leave the fibers upright for faster drying and a nice even look. First impressions mean everything.

$30.00 Each This is the Head only.

Aqua Scout Moisture Detector

Moisture and urine detector features LED light peizo buzzer, solid state circuitry. Easy access to 9V battery, replaceable tip, heavy duty.

Clean Carpets And Upholstery Dynamically